Solutions in Transactional Platforms and Payment Methods

At FirmWare, we master several technologies for the management of both payment and transactional flows. We work with leading platforms providers in the market in order to provide wide expertise in:

Core System

Transactional platform incorporation to the system’s Core of the business for the financial and non-financial processes management.

Transactional Security

Execution of projects focused on strengthening security and mitigating risks related to transactional flows.

Transactional Switch

Design, deployment, and services for the evolution of transactional switch solutions.

Data Analytics

Inspection, clean-up, data transformation, and modeling to support business decision-making.

Bus Services

Design, deployment, and services for the evolution of transactional flows through ESB (Enterprise Service Bus).


Design, development, project implementation, and support for the adoption of EMV, PSI, and other standards of the payment industry.

We support our clients in the financial, retail, telecommunications, and other industries, as well as in the evolution of their transactional flows and payment methods.


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