A long-standing customer of ACI, Banco Internacional serves banks and financial institutions throughout Ecuador. As ATM networks continue to evolve and transform beyond cash management to provide multiple services to customers throughout the country, Banco Internacional needed to meet the demands of the market. Working with ACI in concert with Firmware – an ACI services collaborator – Banco Internacional updated its ATMs to support new services beyond cash management, including collections, recharges and drafts.

“As the market evolves and consumer demand for digital payments increases across Ecuador, ACI’s solutions will help strengthen our banking services,” said Guillermo Moreano, vice president of Operations and Technology, Banco Internacional. “With ACI’s Retail Payments, we ensure a robust and constant operation for our customers.”

“As countries across Latin America make the transition from cash to digital methods of payment, banks like Banco Internacional require a solution that can be cost effectively deployed to meet their needs,” said Mandy Killam, executive vice president and growth markets leader, ACI Worldwide. “Banco Internacional will benefit from the flexibility offered by ACI. For instance, while ATMs are a traditional service required in cities, mobile payment services are often more appropriate in rural areas. With ACI, Banco Internacional will have the opportunity to choose what services and products to offer consumers now without limiting possibilities in the future.”

Part of ACI’s Retail Payments portfolio, Postilion is an integrated consumer payments processing solution for banks, processors and financial institutions that require a full-featured payments engine with strong capabilities in card acceptance and merchant acquisition, integrated with back-office capabilities and card management functions, providing fast time to market, reduced cost and complexity. Using open systems technology, Postilion supports the full range of card products — credit, debit and prepaid — as well as transactions across all channels from ATM and POS to eCommerce and mobile.

About Firmware

Firmware is a company that offers professional consulting services for the implementation and support of solutions that facilitate their customer achievements related to management of specialized personnel services and IT consulting at Latin America Level. These services vary between designing and structuring projects, analysis of deficiencies, planning and execution of key projects to the certification of services provided based on the specific needs of each company.

About Banco Internacional Ecuador

Banco Internacional has more than 40 years of experience and its main business line is providing services for small, medium and large companies, which has allowed it to establish itself as one of the banking sector leaders in providing productive loans. About 80 percent of its portfolio is directed at the commercial sector.



ACI Worldwide and Banco Internacional Drive ATM Innovation Across Ecuador




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